Water Technology Company strives to address economic as well as environmental concerns while satisfying the needs of our customers. This sometimes requires a multi-layered approach utilizing more than one type of system to address all water treatment issues you might be experiencing. We will do our best to balance performance and cost to insure your satisfaction with the results.
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Interesting Water Facts

The U.S. Geologic Survey reports that 85 percent of the United States has to cope with hard water water that contains more than one grain per gallon of the minerals calcium or magnesium. While one grain/gallon is only considered moderately hard, water exceeding 10 grains per gallon is considered very hard.

Here in Wimberley, our municipal water supply tests at 1921 grains per gallon. While this certainly is very hard, many area wells test at 100 or more grains per gallon and some test at over 180!


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